Game Design II

Title: "Biennial Retreat" by Biennial Retreat

Platform: PC / Mac OSx August 2016 - August 2016

Description: Biennial Retreat is 3D, First Person Level Escape game, based off a given theme. The theme for the month was 'Leave it behind'. The player is faced with a containment breach within a deep underground laboratory, and has to fight through puzzles and obstacles to escape to the surface, effectively 'leaving it behind' before the timer runs out.


  • Concept

  • Level Design (Main Menu, Controls, Credits, About, Playable Level)

  • Programming

  • Mechanics

  • Basic Animations

  • Audio

  • Voice Over

  • Basic asset with primitive shapes including Containment cell, System Core, and Hologram Table.

  • Puzzle Design

  • Puzzle Mechanics


Main Menu
Level Entrance

Play the game!

Disclaimer: With the Unity version change, unfortunately the game will not play correctly.

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Main Menu

Biennial Retreat main menu