"Into the Rabbit Hole "    PC / iOS Unity 3D  version 2019.4.1f1  Easter Game Jam


"Into the Rabbit Hole" is a submission to a Easter themed Game Jam hosted by Kars#3524 on The theme was "infinite" with sub themes of "Easter", "Some Assembly Required",  "Nothing is what it looks like".  I chose Easter for the sub-theme, or more pointedly my 7 year old daughter chose it. In Into the Rabbit Hole, you play as the rabbit, running around collecting eggs and carrots while avoiding the little girl, again inspired by my daughter, within a small space. Each carrot and egg you collect both the rabbits and the girls speeds increases, if the little girl collects something then hers go up almost double than if you picked it up and yours goes down slightly. There are also escape holes that give the player a short five second breather. You can play it here. (


I chose to do this project solo, as I have had several attempts at game jams with teams and they always fell through halfway through, and I never got to finish one. This time I joined it solo and completed it solo. I took 2nd out of 2 submissions, however, this is a learning experience for me. I am proud of what I was able to produce on my own.

Things that I had difficulty with were getting the supply spawn to work correctly, and this is what I spent the bulk of my time working on during the 6 day jam. After I got that to work almost everything fell into place as if it was meant to go there. Things that I had to take out for the scope of the project were animations for the rabbit, they are there but they did not work as they were supposed to, I also started out with the girl being on a nav mesh surface but after about 10 seconds she would hit something and not touch the ground and be walking, jogging, or running in place, also in the beginning the girl had a glitch where if I got to close to her she would start going backwards and "run away".  I decided to just go to non nav agent route, and I think it worked better than the nav surface did even when it was working.