World Build

For this project we were able to choose our own teams based on best meeting time with the instructor. The reason for this was the class was set up as if we were working within a studio, the instructor was the boss, and the team was the design team. There were a few requirements and limitations for the work however. The team was given a creative vision that was previously thought up by the school, from there we had to build a single level with an area for each team member. You can find the concept here. The team I was on was powered by some very brilliant minds, laid back artisans that I would love to work with again. They were myself (Lead Designer and Lore Lead), Ashley Day (Quality Lead and Writer / Editor Lead), Mathew McLaughlin (Art Lead and Technical Director Lead), and Hosea Dawson (Systems Lead). As with any real life scenario we had two other team members who were called away for another project and for difficulties in home life. They were Davide Bisso, and Thomas Cuda. We together were called Team Horseradish by default from the instructor but behind closed doors and in our meetings we called ourselves Mad Designers. The rest of this page will contain information about the 'game'.



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