Capstone / Project & Portfolio VII

Title:"Vault Breakers" by Nerd Herd

Platform: Unity 5 / C#. PC / Mac OSx, October 2016-April 2017

Description: Vault Breakers is a single player 3D, wave system, first person shooter. During the waves the player is actively protecting his AI, who is hard at work robbing and hacking the enemy vault, the money acquired is used to purchase upgrades that increase the players different stats.


  • Lead protagonist programmer

  • Lead Mechanics Designer

  • Level Design (Splash Screen, Main Menu, Achievements, Controls, Build Notes, Memoriam, Credits, Boss Level, Tutorial)

  • Basic Animations, and cut scenes.

  • Financial Backer for some assets, and built assets using primitive shapes from Unity.



Vault Breakers Post Mortem includes gameplay

Play the game!

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