David Shaver - Fellow Game Designer

January 14, 2016

I am writing a blog about one Mr. David Shaver. This gentleman is a fellow game designer and has been designing games professionally since 2003. He attended West Virginia University where he acquired his Master's. He currently works for Respawn Entertainment out of Los Angeles, California, with a list of other renowned studios leading up to Respawn Entertainment. According to his website, here, he has ties to many high profile games such as "Titanfall", Zynga's "Coasterville", and has done some Independent work, working on "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4"'s single player maps Ascension and Spooked. His website boasts the work of many of the titles that he has worked on as well as Blog, Resume & Bio, and Contact Page. 

After careful review of his work on his portfolio and blog I find that it feels to be incomplete, I got through all of the content, and felt as if there was some more that he could of provided as feedback to him and his work. Mr. Shaver spent a great deal of time going into great detail of what he has done, but no mention of what he's doing at the moment. I also found that his blog was the typical private party blog and while it was about the industry as a whole it, it had hints of unprofessionalism to it. 

(Shaver, 12/22/15)

That doesn't mean he doesn't give kudos where kudos are due however later in his blog he mentions "It’s like sitting around a camp fire with your buddies, having beers, relaxing, and “shooting the shit.” about the game "Destiny" (PS4) [January 2, 2015]. Although this isn't entire bad, to a budding Game Designer and a potential employer do you really want them to see you swearing on your official website that represents you to them? This would make me feel like this blog is in the wrong place and is not appropriate for the setting. If he really wants to portray himself as a high priority and valued player on your team he should remove the blog from he website.

Despite his slip up I did learn after reviewing his resume, that there is something that I can add to mine to update and refine my own resume according to "Nursing Children & Young People", a leading nursing magazine that featured an article on how to build a proper portfolio. The hint that I received after reviewing this article and then Mr. Shaver's website was that his resume boasted a 2 column, 4 bullet list set of his own skills as seen below.

(Bird, 2016; via davidshaver.net)

What lead me to this epiphany is that the article gives a fairly detailed bullet list in itself of what you should keep in mind when your writing your portfolio and among the bullets this one seemed to jump off the page right at me and is still echoing loudly in the back of my mind. "What other needs have I identified in relation to my professional development?" (Nursing Children & Young People, 2012) I took this as what have I done that needs to be addressed more clearly so that I stand out? With that in mind what else can I do to make myself stand out more to potential employers?



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Practice profile. (2012). Nursing Children & Young People, 24(8), 36. 

David Shaver Profile. (2016). David Shaver: Game Design Portfolio, http://www.davidshaver.net/index.html




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