What's the difference?

February 20, 2016



I have been asked by several people what the difference between a Game Developer and a Game Designer is, so here is a somewhat quick and nutshell explaination.


In a nutshell the designer dreams up the concept, the developer executes the dream. Here is a link I found that better explains. This is a short article but you can get a clear vision of the difference.




Video Game Designer:

  • Makes decisions of the overall design and purpose of the game.

  • Usually designs one or two specific aspects of the game. (Mechanics, Game Art, Storyline, Cutscene, etc)

  • Decide what game elements make into the game depending on the genre.


Video Game Developer:

  • Takes the concept of the Game Designer and makes it a working product.

  • Do the heavy lifting of turning sketches into models, turn the story line into the campaign.

  • Flush out the maps and terrains into clean cut playable field.


An artist and programmer would fit great into either role depending on where they stand on the creation cycle.


 "It's a fine line that we walk, we developers and designers, but it's a line we walk side by side to create worlds that awe the mind. I shall forever push to inspire new worlds, and possibilites to those who follow me". ~ David Bird 2-20-2016


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