Hi, my name is David (Dave) Bird

I'm a game designer, currently living in Brown City Michigan. My goal is create seamless vivid virtual realities that players can immerse themselves in for years to come. I have also started my own Table Top Indie Studio, where I take old games of all genres and types and put a twist on it and make it into a table top game.

Factoids About Me

  • I'm a father to two beautiful girls, neither of which are blood, and neither are related to each other except through me, and both look and act so much alike you would think they were the same child.

  • I have always wanted to do something creative for a career.

  • My circle of friends wasn't even big enough to fill my wedding party, of which was medieval themed.

  • My wife and I both were engaged twice before we got engaged to each other, we consider each other the lucky charm on account third times the charm.

  • My favorite past times are reading (Fantasy Medieval), Writing (Poetry, Short Stories, my Novel), Drawing (Abstract w/ Pen and Paper), Playing games (My first love is RPG, My second is FPS), Playing with my kids (age 10 and 3).

  • I am a Sunday School volunteer teacher for the kids at my church for 2nd- 6th grades, with my wife.

  • I am the oldest child and grandchild on my mothers side.

  • I am a Ford Driving, Country and Rock loving, Extreme Right Wing, Baptist.

  • I got into games during the golden age, but I didn't actually own a system until the early 90's.

  • My girls are my biggest muses, but I find beauty in everything and inspiration in most things people wouldn't pay attention to.

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