Hi, my name is David (Dave) Bird

I'm a game designer, currently living in Brown City Michigan. My goal is create seamless vivid virtual realities that players can immerse themselves in for years to come. I have also started my own Table Top Indie Studio, where I take old games of all genres and types and put a twist on it and make it into a table top game.

Quick Overview

  • Location: Michigan

  • Schooling:  (HS) Yale High School; (Uni) Full Sail University

  • Graduated: (HS) May 2002; (Uni) May 2017

  • Focus: (HS) Art, Writing; (Uni) Game Design


Level Flow ****

Rational Level Design ****

Point of Focus ***

Level Scripting ***

Level Building / Design ****

Play Testing ****

Advanced Programs:

Unity 3D 5+ ****

Unreal *

C#  ***

C++ *

Perforce *

Git **


Microsoft Office ****

Google Drive ****

Visual Studio **

Want More?

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